Center For Health 


"A month ago, my lower back pain was a mess. Nagging pain was affecting my daily quality of life. Then I found Dr. Belanger at the Center for Health in Wakefield. My daily pain is almost gone now. I don't have to see an orthopedic doctor, and I don't have to get an epidural shot. I no longer take muscle relaxers or 800 mg. of precipitation strength Motrin. After one or two more visits, I will see Dr. Belanger for a maintenance adjustment. I've been singing the praises of this chiropractor to a number of locals, and I will continue to do so. He has helped me tremendously. Walking and climbing stairs are no longer an issue for me. Dr. Belanger's receptionist was also able to fit me in the very day that I called. Dr. Belanger is also now the sole owner of this business. The office is conveniently located on Salt Pond Road (close to the Two Ten Oyster Bar and Grill. There is plenty of parking. The office is also immaculate."

-Laura Warner

"I love Dr. Belanger and his assistant Miranda! I was having severe headaches that extended into the back of my neck and had me in despair. Within two adjustments, I saw massive improvements and I am now headache-free. Dr. Belanger is very kind man who explains in detail what he's doing and why, which I appreciate very much. I question everything and he can even handle me with grace, ha. I would recommend the Center for Health to everyone and I do!"

-Maranda Harvey 

"I've always have had a great experience at Center for Health Chiropractic and Nutrition. First great experience with now retired Dr. Post and again with Dr. Belanger. Dr. Belanger is very knowledgeable. His adjustments definitely make an improvement. I've had back problems all my life. Scoliosis, pinched nerves, stiff neck, a differential gate. Upon coming to this practice has positively changed my quality of life and always adjusted me the way I needed having me feeling back to my better self. Most recently,  I was about 23 weeks pregnant and I developed painful sciatic pain. After just one adjustment visit with Dr. Belanger my sciatic pain had completely gone away and I continued to have weekly visits to keep myself in line while my body goes through a transformation during pregnancy. His manner is very reassuring and calming. His office is easy to get to. His office hours also make access to his care convenient. I would definitely recommend Dr. Belanger to anyone."

-Melainy McDonough

"I have a dear friend who was a patient of Dr. Post's before she moved away. She introduced me to him. Two years ago I was in a car accident and I started coming then. I had 'whiplash' and Dr. Post corrected that. When I first came to Dr. Post I was wearing a brace on my right hand and on my feet. Even with the brace on my right foot I sprained my ankle. I came to Dr. Post and I was much improved within 1 week. Now I'm not wearing ankle braces at all. This is the first time in 4 years!  After I saw how well Dr. Post corrected my ankle I asked him to work on my right hand. I over-extended my right thumb 2 years prior and I wore a brace to strengthen and support it. I had been going to an orthopedic surgeon for the past two years and he told me I didn't need surgery. I have osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel. Everything he did did not correct the condition. Dr. Post corrected it within one month. Now, I'm not wearing any braces! I also have allergies that affect my asthma. Last spring Dr. Post tested my and I started taking the homeopathic medicine. This spring I didn't have to wear a mask outside. Dr. Post does amazing work for the community."

-Dayle S. Taylor

TESTIMONIAL - Chronic Back Pain 

When I came to Dr. Post I had such back pain that I wasn't able to lie down in bed for even two minutes. I was truly up all night. Even after my first visit I could feel the difference. My treatments have given me a new life. I am now able to perform tasks I had to stop long ago. My inability I chalked up to "aging". Now I am able to do all the things I was sure were lost forever.

Thank you is not enough for what Dr. Post has done for me. My life is now better than I even imagined it could be.

TESTIMONIAL - Automobile Accident - Whiplash

I was referred to Dr. Gary Post almost 9 years ago for severe neck pain that I incurred after and automobile accident, that my MD had no treatment for. I suffered in silence for the better part of a year. But, three months after commencing treatment with Dr. Post, my neck was pain and pressure free!

Dr. Post also treated my son for a pinched nerve in his neck. After perhaps 3-4 weeks of 3x per week treatment he was fine.

Since my neck injury Dr. Post has also treated me for lower back pain that affects me now and again due to a bad disc and degeneration.

Someone asked me the other day why I drive all the way to Wakefield when there are local chiropractors? I replied, "Because he's always been 'spot-on'. Why would I bother with anyone else?"

Toni Wallace Ciany

TESTIMONIAL - Shoulder Problem Fixed > Achieves Goal of Setting New England Master's Swimming Record

Dear Dr. Post,

Thank you for your medical care in helping me break a New England Masters swimming record in 2010.

Months before the competition I was unable to achieve the hard training required to meet my goal of breaking a New England Record. Each time I came to you, you provided me great care through consultations and chiropractic adjustments.

Thank you also for accommodating my hectic travel schedule in treating me to achieve peak performance at the New England Masters Swimming Championships.

Dave Cote 1-10-2011

TESTIMONIAL- Elevated Cholesterol & Triglycerides

My family doctor wanted to put me on medication for high cholesterol and high triglycerides. I didn't want to go on any traditional prescription medications because of too many side effects.

I talked with Dr. Post and, after reviewing my blood test results we came up with some dietary nutritional supplements that he thought would help me… And boy did they! - and without any side effects!! And, as a plus I lost 23 pounds!!!

I talked with Dr. Post and, after reviewing my blood test results we came up with some dietary nutritional supplements that he thought would help me… And boy did they! - and without any side effects!! The below results were after only 3 months! And, as a plus I lost 23 pounds!!!

Before After
Cholesterol 314 233
Triglycerides 666 274

Also, my LDL Cholesterol was so high that initially the lab couldn't even get a reading! Then it was down to 138!
Thank you,
Donna M. Steele

TESTIMONIAL- Chronic Shoulder Pain - Surgery Avoided

To Dr. Post's ongoing patients and potential new ones: I have gotten great relief from Dr. Post and his methods of treatment.

I was told that I needed surgery for a rotator cuff injury to my shoulder by an orthopedic surgeon. With Dr. Post's expertise, evaluation, and treatment thankfully this wasn't needed. I was able to avoid surgery and to regain full use of my shoulder. I now have no more pain with his adjustments and care. I'm very thankful.

William Taylor II

TESTIMONIAL- Four years of chest pain and left arm pain

I'd like to share my exceptionally positive experience at The Center for Health. For the past four years I had been experiencing pain radiating from my shoulder and down my left arm as well as episodes of chest pain in the sternum area. Despite getting several rule-outs of a cardiac problem and having a good heart health report, the pain and discomfort persisted. In fact, it started to become chronic by the time I made an appointment with Dr. Gary Post. Dr. Post assessed, through kinesiology and examination, as well as x-ray, that a nerve in my neck was being narrowed by spinal misalignment. He demonstrated this problem using a model. We then began a series of adjustments over a period of months. They were aimed at having the nerve become freer. He explained that, "nerves seek aberrant pathways" when they are not corrected over time. Because my problem had persisted for years, it was unknown to what degree the adjustments would bring improvement and relief. I appreciated his honestly and genuine desire to help me. At the same time, a completely different solution was applied to my sternum pain. It was determined that I had episodes of costochondritis, or an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breast bone. For this condition, Dr. Post attached patches that conducted a mild and pleasant current to the sore areas. This application lasted ten minutes for each treatment. His assistant, Brooke, helped me with these sessions. She was well-trained and kind, always making sure I was comfortable. Somewhere between the 12th and 18th treatments, both conditions improved quite remarkably. Today, I have no shoulder and arm pain whatsoever. The sternum pain is what I call "in remission", because I know that costochondritis is a condition that can have future flare-ups. However, at the present time, I am completely pain free - after many years of pain and worry, along with the many ways that puts a cloud over your life. I can whole-heartedly recommend The Center for Health and chiropractic as a solid method of natural health and healing. Dr. Post, Susanna, and Brooke made a great outcome possible for me. As a psychotherapist, I truly appreciate the power of the body to heal itself when a correct diagnosis and the skill of a positive health professional come to your aid. Thank you!

Linda Thomas, LICSW

TESTIMONIAL- Orthotics, Low Back Pain and Golf!

I have had orthotics for a little over a month now. With them I no longer have constant pain in my lower back and hip, or sciatic pain radiating down my leg. I have played many rounds of golf now pain free - a big plus. I have also noticed much more stability and balance. My overall game has also seen an improvement for the above reasons and with that comes more confidence.

Jack Bond

TESTIMONIAL- Baby Colic and Reflux

My son began chiropractic care at 4 months old. He was colicky and was diagnosed with reflux. After trying about six different formulas with no help his pediatrician put him on two prescription medications, pepsid and zantac. I then brought him in to the Center for Health. Dr. Post did a wonderful job with assessment and he was gentle with my son's adjustments. He responded great, within 6 weeks my son no longer needed the medications and he has had no further problems with his digestive system for the past two years! We continue to come for maintenance and I am so happy with a more natural approach.

Kelly Urso

TESTIMONIAL - Ear, Face, and Cheek Pain - TMJ Problem

I have been in severe ear, face, cheek, teeth, and neck pain for over 4 weeks. Because of a constant cough as well, I saw my personal doctor. Diagnosed with pneumonia, I was put on antibiotics, steroids, decongestants and anti-inflammatory pain pills. The following week, the cough was gone but the pain and swelling continued. So, another round of new pills. Teeth and ear pain became too intense. Week 3 I went to a dentist. My own doctor sent me for a CT scan of my sinuses which showed an infection. I wanted to be sure my teeth were ok. The dentist did X-rays, found nothing, but then sent me to an endodontist. More money, more X-rays. Did not need a root canal, no root damage. Didn't know why I was in so much pain - better see an ENT specialist! So, I went to an ENT - he gave me more pills and no solution. I was still in such pain and no relief. Then, I woke up one morning and surprised myself by thinking " Why on earth haven't I called Dr. Post!! He'll be able to stop this pain, I bet. I tell you, I came that day, he found the issue was in my neck and in my jaw - and adjusted me and WHAM! Pain gone!!

I love the Center for Health!!!!!! I've been coming for 8 years now.

Sheila Brownhill

TESTIMONIAL- Lower Back Pain

Last year I was barely able to walk as I entered the Center For Health. I had hurt my back. After coming for daily visits, then a few times per week I made great progress. Soon I was a once a month visitor! It took about 8 weeks for me to heal. Within that time I learned so much about what I needed to do in order to stay healthy. I have recommended CFH to many friends. I cannot tell you how much CFH helped me to overcome my injury. My husband is also a patient as well.

Christine Byrne

TESTIMONIAL- Weight Loss After Identifying Food Allergies

After applying the results of my ALCAT Test by eliminating foods I'm allergic to I saw my weight drop markedly in a short period of time. I've struggled with my weight all my life and now I feel healthier, I'm finally losing the excess weight and I'm sleeping better. Many thanks to Dr. Post and the Center for Health.

David Hansen

TESTIMONIAL- Hives Resolved After Identifying Food Allergies

I am amazed at the results I get with Dr. Post. I am 38 years old and had chronic hives for 24 years. These hives caused me years of discomfort embarrassment, and anxiety. I had been to specialists and many doctors, etc. to no avail. Dr. Post discovered, through Applied Kinesiology and nutritional testing, that I was allergic to wheat! If I stay away from wheat I am hive free and, in addition, I've realized I also had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) all those years I was eating wheat and thought it was normal to have intestinal pain.

I recommend everyone I can to Dr. Post because I know that he can detect all kinds of issues that many "formal" medical doctors can not using an alternative approach. He has helped so many of my friends and customers who report the same amazement and benefits of their visits with him.

Monica Rodgers

TESTIMONIAL - Migraines Associated with Menses

I used to get regular migraine menstrual headaches. I tried various pain relievers and migraine medication which helped somewhat but only if you took them immediately upon the onset of symptoms. This was not often effective. Now I take specific supplements from Dr. Post on a daily basis and have not had a migraine in years. I never have to worry about whether I have my medication. I just take my supplements every day and have never felt better.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from migraines. Just knowing that I am not going to have one has been a great comfort to me mentally and physically.

Christine Magnotta

TESTIMONIAL- High School Runner - Orthotics

Usually adults have problems with their muscles and spinal alignment, but so do young people. I ran track and cross country and used to be extremely good. But, after suffering numerous injuries, I had to stop competing and so I am no longer top in the state. I thought that my running days were over until I saw Dr. Post and he examined me and I had my feet scanned. It turns out that I have almost flat feet and alignment problems with my hips. Dr. Post ordered firm flex orthotics to stabilize my hips and spine and slowly I have been able to return to the sport I love. I am sure that perhaps in a year I can to my former glory. Thank you!

Suzanne Bates

TESTIMONIAL- Digestive Problems for 30 Years

Fabulous! That's how I feel after 30 years of suffering with digestive problems, headaches and sleeplessness. Thanks Dr. Post!

Lisa Gencarelli

TESTIMONIAL- Best in Rhode Island!!!

I'm a 45 year old woman who has only been living in RI for the past 9 years. For the 20 years before I moved here I lived without chiropractic care and I had been struggling with constant ongoing neck and low back pain.

I used to control my pain with prescription drugs and a cervical collar that I thought were the only alternative to palliate my pain and allow me to perform the activities of usual daily life with three children.

Ever since I've been under the care of Dr. Post, for the past nine years, my whole life has changed.

He did a thorough examination of my neck and spine. He ordered x-rays and on the 'Report of Findings' day he explained in detail the symptoms that I had been experiencing for so long. He then took the time to find the cause of my loss of curve in my neck and the constant pain I had in my back and hips. He pointed out that traumas earlier in my life could have some influence on the pain I had been experiencing. Slowly I recalled several accidents I had in my youth (skateboarding and falling on my buttocks, and diving into a shallow pool and crashing my head). I then realized that ever since then I'd been experiencing discomfort, pain, and loss of motion, and the only thing I knew to do was to take a pill to alleviate the symptoms.

I always woke up in a stiff, painful condition that would get a little better as the day went through.

He started me on a daily program of adjustments and I could immediately feel the difference. As I got better, the treatment was spaced out more and more. He also advised me to use an over-the-door cervical traction unit at home to help stretch my neck and have more room for the nerve.

I followed his instructions and ... What a miracle!!!! I don't need as many adjustments anymore. The adjustments and doing the cervical traction at home has rehabilitated my neck in way that it's impossible to describe (only people with chronic neck pain would understand). He also worked on my lower back. As the result of my injuries I had also broken my coccyx (tailbone) and for the past 20 years I've always had tremendous pain that I've been living with. My hips were always sore and when I had my menstrual cycle I couldn't live without medication. Dr. Post fixed my hips and got rid of my low back pain in 3 months (pain that was there for 20 years where the only hope, according to my MD, was to take drugs). Even with a fractured coccyx Dr. Post has been able to relieve my pain and he also gave me exercises to be proactive and increase my range of motion.

In the process of addressing and helping my structural pain and symptoms I also mentioned to him that I had a lot of female hormonal problems. I had heard that he was a diplomate in nutrition and I had also heard and read a lot of people in the office praising his knowledge of nutrition and telling how with nutrition he had helped them get relief from many types of problems.

I was experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, low energy, sleep disruption (being awake from 3am on), hair loss, fragile nails, skin dryness, weight gain, low immune fuction, after all this what's left but depression? He was so kind, careful, and thorough. He tested me through Applied Kinesiology (which is amazing!) and some blood tests. He gave me all natural supplements that my body was depleted of.... After 2 months I could already feel the difference. After 6 months I was a different person. It's been 2 years since then. I'm now healthier than ever, and it was all done naturally!

I can only thank the miracle of Dr.Post.


TESTIMONIAL- Chronic Low Back Pain and Foot Orthotics

I am someone who has worked in food services my whole life. Working on cement floors really takes its toll on the body. Being adjusted by Dr. Post and getting orthotics for my shoes from him (I have flat feet) has been a life saver. It truly makes a huge difference in my well-being and stamina.

Christine Zydlewski

TESTIMONIAL- General Health

I have been a patient of Dr. Post's for 14 years and believe me - I can not live without Dr. Post's accurate treatments. I have traveled extensively and tried other care when away for work, but it's only when I return that I get relief for my back and whole body!

Brenda McNally

TESTIMONIAL - Premenstrual Syndrome - PMS

I have had success with adjustments, natural herbs and vitamins in which Dr. Post has prescribed and provided. Not only has he helped me with structural issues but also with PMS and my general health. I used to have sinus infections throughout the winter and problems 2 weeks before every menstrual cycle. But, now that I have worked with Dr. Post, these issues are no longer continuous problems!

A. G.

TESTIMONIAL - Elevated Cholesterol

I was told by my medical doctor that I needed to start taking cholesterol medication. I wanted to avoid medication so tried various diets to bring down my cholesterol levels. Vegetarian, Atkins, Low Salt, Low Fat, etc… but could only get it down to 220 or so. Dr. Post suggested a natural supplement that, with a low salt and fat and managed carbs brought my cholesterol levels within recommended levels. I am very glad not to have to take statins or other harmful medications.

J. G.

TESTIMONIAL - Long Standing Ankle and Knee Pain

I went to see Dr. Post after five months of unresolved ankle and knee pain. In addition I then developed serious lower back pain. Within four weeks of visits to Dr. Post's office all my joint pain and restrictions were almost entirely eliminated and I began to feel like I had my old body back! This was a wonderful experience.

Ellen Borden

TESTIMONIAL- Lower Back and Knee Pain Resolved With Orthotics

For the past 10 years or so I had been suffering from moderate to somewhat severe lower back pain. Initially the chiropractic adjustments helped, but before too long the pain would come back.

It wasn't until I used the orthotic "spinal stabilizers" that Dr. Post recommended that my lower back issues went away. At first I was skeptical, but after almost 2 years of use they were worth every penny.

I actually have two pairs of them; one full length and one 3/4 length. Both work great depending which pair of shoes or boots I am wearing.

I would 100% recommend these orthotics to anyone suffering from low back or knee pain, or anything related. The orthotics combined with regular spinal adjustments have virtually removed any and all lower back pain which I was suffering from.

Thanks so much!

John Forbes

TESTIMONIAL - Debilitating Right Foot Pain

I am over 60 years old and work four, ten hour days at the local Airport. I stand and walk most of my shift on a concrete floor. About ten months ago, I began to experience a sore right foot. At the time, I had to stop walking and wait for the pain to subside. After four to five months, I was considering retirement due to this condition. At about nine months I decided to see Dr. Post. He manipulated my right foot several times and the condition and pain was resolved by 90%. While seeing Dr. Post for another condition, a pinched nerve in my neck, which also was quickly resolved, he continued to treat my foot which I am happy to report is 100% better today. I think without Dr. Post's skills I would be unemployed, or at least not employed at my present job. Thank you Dr. Post!

Fred Wahl 12-29-09

TESTIMONIAL- Chronic Neck Pain

I've had problems with my neck for years. When the pain became acute I would seek help. I've gone to chiropractors, medical doctors, and physical therapists. They have all helped ease the pain level from acute to livable, but discomfort has always remained.

Dr. Post has given me greater relief from pain as well as the education and tools to proactively manage my pain and the underlying issue in my home environment. The overall effect is that I have less pain than I've had in years!

Janet Caron-Federico

TESTIMONIAL- Food Allergies 

Associated with Nerve, Joint and Muscle Pain for 4 months

After several months of suffering pain and neuropathy, traditional medicine had brought me to a dead end. Dr. Gary Post provided the answers I needed with an ALCAT allergy test. The test revealed severe food allergies, which once eliminated, brought extreme relief. I am finally back on the path to optimal health, thanks to Center for Health!

Cara Hansen


The chiropractic adjustments and treatments that I have received from Dr. Post have changed my daily life. After numerous other forms of treatment had failed I have finally found relief through treatment at the Center for Health. Dr. Post also lent support and taught me how to care for my neck as well as providing me with information about my condition. I now go through my day without the constant nagging pain that held me back from enjoying life fully.

Patricia Hayes


Even though I am in fairly good shape, I suffered from lower back pain for several years that was getting worse. I tried to relieve it in many ways. My regular yoga practice increased my awareness that I needed to address my back issue. Several friends recommended chiropractic treatment. After three months of bi-weekly treatments, I am 100% better. I feel better than I have in years and I am back to working out, running and yoga without any restrictions. I am enormously grateful to Dr. Post and his staff!

Lynn Donahue

TESTIMONIAL - General Health Improvement

Dr. Post's chiropractic strategies have enabled me to continue many activities that otherwise I would have deemed myself "too old" for. His manner supports questions and answers about why I may feel the way I do on a given day. When I observe others my age less able to participate in many activities, I appreciate Dr. Post's efforts and treatments on my behalf.

Brooks Thayer

TESTIMONIAL- Chronic Right Foot Pain

Coming to see Dr. Post has been one of my better decisions. My back and ankle have been bothering me for awhile. Now after only a couple of visits I feel much relief. I even danced at a wedding. I have not done that in years! Only proves we don't always need medication.

Joyce M. Gould



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